My entire life, I’ve had difficulty writing. It was just never my thing, but I’ve always wanted to become “good” at it. Coming into this class, I was really just expecting a regular English class where we just write a bunch of little essays that never really created any real connections, and after writing them, we just forget about them, but this class feels different. The work revolves around these projects and is structured so that everything is related in one way or another. There’s so much thinking and time that has to be put into each of these projects. Each of them was so different, that work didn’t feel repetitive like a lot of my other classes. 

The Notebook was a long, tedious assignment, but one that I felt relatively comfortable doing. I understood the goal of the project and was able to complete the assignment while learning more about the way that I thought. I worked on it just about every day and dedicated an hour for each. With the amount of time and effort dedicated to the project, I feel like I was able to produce a satisfactory result. With all of that left-side writing, I was able to good amount of right-side work that was worth looking at and analyzing. Working in this way just felt natural and was a good way to help complete the following projects.

The goal of the Definition Essay seemed clear and simple. Starting this project, I had no idea which writing format to choose. After picking a word that I thought was worth writing about, I just decided to toss out a few lines and ideas for each. From all of this brainstorming, I just filled my paper with junk, but when I looked past all of the clutter, I realized that I had developed something unique in the letter. It was a strange goal though, to write a personal letter while keeping the focus on a single term and point of view. Though I did stray a bit at some points, I think that it was good overall, including particular examples, keeping my goal in mind throughout the writing process, and just being aware of what I was putting down. 

The Digital Notebook did not start off as well as my other projects. The task was something that I had never done before and made the mistake of trying to figure it all out on my own. While working on this project, I spent a lot of time but opposed to all of my other projects done in this class, I was the least productive with my time here. I wasted numerous hours just wandering and navigating the space. I wanted it to be relatively simple, and easy to navigate. Eventually, I think was able to accomplish this goal. The result is nothing outstanding, but I think has all of the features that I envisioned it to have at the start of the project. It feel like it just needs more content. 

The AMQ project was really cool, visiting the NAMES Project Foundation. I really didn’t expect much to come from the visit, but it happened. I was invested in this quilt, this person, and made me want to learn about others who are suffering and have suffered from problems such as HIV/AIDS. While working on the research, I think that I was able to do as the essay that you provided said, and make it easy and meaningful for the audience that the information is intended for. 

Though I’ve encountered a considerable number of issues while working on these projects, the information that you go through in class was able to consistently help me overcome these issues, whether it be concerned with the technology or the writing. The course was challenging and I’m glad that it was. Ending this course, I don’t think that I’ve become “good”, but I’m fairly certain that the amount of analytical thinking done has made me a better thinker and writer, encouraging students to always look at what is sensed in a different view. Also, that cultural artifact connection activity was really cool, probably the most interesting hour or so that I’ve spent in a very long time. 

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