Realizing the Problem

“poverty” by ryry17, flickr.com

The primary audience for this blog are people in developing countries where it is common for people to face decisions that put themselves at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. This blog hopes to raise awareness concerning the possible consequences of HIV/AIDS and encourage individuals to consider how it will affect their lives and also the lives of their loved ones. David Toomey’s quilt suggests that chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS can have lasting effects on people aside from themselves. In many parts of the world, HIV/AIDS has contributed to the severe impairment of a caregiver’s ability to provide for their dependents. In countries such as China, where HIV/AIDS is widespread, infection can lead to economic, social, and psychological hardship for caregivers and their children.

A study by the Anhui and Funan CDC and staff members of UCLA has found that children living with family members that have HIV/AIDS have experienced social-psycho stress, discrimination due their the relationship to the infected, and a greater overall burden as many are left with the responsibility to provide for their family.

Knowing what types of decisions that may lead to HIV/AIDS is essential to be able develop an appropriate course of action and to know what precautions should be exercised to prevent the disease from causing any more damage.

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