A Reflective Writing Draft

I’ve never been much of a writer, and don’t expect on becoming an expert anywhere in the future. Coming into this class, I was mostly expecting a bunch of short essays about topics that usually feel random. In my high school English composition class, I had to read a few short stories and write essays, never mentioning them again. This class has been a very unique. Everything that we do in this class is like it’s continual. It feels like it’s all connected in a way, and is always encouraging me to think and really put effort into my works. I’ve never had a class that’s centered on projects. There’s a lot of time and thinking involved on each project. You’ve moved the focus away from the work and towards how one thinks when writing. It’s a very interesting way of thinking about writing. I’ve tossed so many different ideas over the course of this class, but funny enough, that’s made a lot of these assignments more difficult than it needed to be. Each project was unique in its own way.

The Notebook was where a large part of this introspective writing took place. It was a long, tedious assignment, but it was one that I felt relatively comfortable doing. I worked on it every day and dedicated an hour for each. I put a lot of time and effort to it and felt quite satisfied with result. I felt like all the time that I put into the assignment was almost all well spent and was able to do something productive with it. Analyzing writing in this way almost felt natural. It was nothing that I couldn’t do.

The Definition was also different. The goal of the assignment was what I believed to be simple and clear. You had given me two choices for a writing format: a letter or an op-ed. I started with really no idea which one I wanted to do. I started by picking a word to define and just tossed out a few lines and ideas for each. It was all brainstorming, but when I looked past all of the clutter, I realized that I had developed something unique in the letter, but writing a personal letter while keeping its focus on a single term was definitely a strange goal. I made it work somehow, and I ended up feeling pretty good about it too. I don’t know, maybe I’ll work on it sometime in the future, something about it felt special.

The Digital Notebook was a real struggle. The task was something that I had never done before, and I had made the mistake of trying to figure everything out myself. While working on this project, I spent a whole lot of time on it, but as opposed to all of the other projects in this class, I was least productive here. I had numerous hours wasted by wandering and navigating the space, all for such a simple product. It’s not my worst work, but I really am just disappointed with myself on this one.

The AMQ project was pretty cool, visiting the NAMES Project foundation. I didn’t expect much to come from this, but it really did make me wonder and want to learn more about the individual beyond the quilt panel. I did as the essay said, to “just describe what you see. But be sure to enjoy the pleasures” while also trying to make it easy and appealing to read.

I get that my work isn’t perfect, but I’m always looking to improve. I would consider taking this course again or another composition class if I seriously considered writing for a career. This course was challenging in its own way, and I’m glad that it was. It’s crazy though, we’re almost done already. Also, that cultural artifact connection activity was really cool. I think

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