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In this particular blogspace, the focus will be on the effects that HIV/AIDS can have on the lives of current and/or future dependents of the affected caregiver. David Toomey is a young man who has died of HIV/AIDS before the age of 30. To commemorate his life, a quilt, which has been added to the AIDS Memorial quilt, was made in his name. Though there is no explicit indication of who the creator of the quilt is, I believe that it is reasonable to conclude that the people that were close to him produced this quilt as an expression of their condolences. There is no telltale indication of his family’s economic status before his death or how they’ll be affected in the future, if at all. However, in many parts of the world, even contracting something like HIV/AIDS can ruin an entire family’s socioeconomic status. The work in this space is being done in hopes of raising awareness of the risks and consequences that HIV/AIDS can on families living with HIV/AIDS.